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Carso is a wild environment.

While you will be riding on the only road that links the little towns spread across the rocks and the wind-blown scrub vegetation, you will be able to sense the real meaning of this piece of land,

and a strong smell of resin will bathe your thoughts.

Catch sight of the light blue of the sea from above and soon after descend to the strand, the Bay of Sistiana and the Castle of Duino, afterwards progress to the God forgotten dry lands of the Carso of Gorizia.

Almost unaware you will find yourself in Slovenia in the conclusive kilometers, from Nova Gorica you will enter Gorizia, the blue sign ITALIA will indicate the end of this first day.

Route 2.997.165 – powered by www.bikemap.net
Check our map to find medieval castles, botanic parks, fine art museums, Opera Houses, beautiful Churches, historical monuments and a lot of points of interests and places to visit and photograph during your journey.

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A list of affordable & comfortable accommodation for Quo Vadis Frut cyclists.

Choose what fits you the best : B&B, Hotels, Youth Hostel, Agritourisms, Boarding Houses, etc.

In every place you can find a protected indoor place for the bike to rest for the night.

A big homemade breakfast is always included.

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Gorizia Accommodation

Here are some accommodation facilities you can find in Gorizia

Trieste Accommodation

Here are some accommodation facilities you can find in Trieste

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