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This stage is flat as a pancake.

Local people call this part of our region “la bassa” meaning the short part of Friuli with no hills and mountains, just fields.

Starting from Palmanova star-shaped town, you’ll pass through 11 villages, joined between each other by long flat roads and it’s the only one = 1% possibility to get lost.

In this rural contest and countryside landscape, the road leads you toward an 18th century residence: Villa Manin, the last Venetian villa built for the Venetian Doges’ enjoyment.

At a certain point you will cross the river Tagliamento, mythical boundary which splits FVG region in two (from north to south): “di cà da l’aghe” (Eastern Friuli) and “di là da l’aghe” (Western Friuli).

Costumes and traditions changes, landscape is not the same, someone says also the color of the sky is different!

Valvasone, a medieval tiny village, is your stage destination, and you’ll feel going back in time, in a fairy tale.

In just 41km you can pass through a star-shape city, a 18th century villa and a perfect medieval village.

TIP: We suggest you to start cycling from Palmanova early in the morning in order to reach Villa Manin before 12.00 am, when the sun is high and there is no shadow.

There you can rest and visit the art exhibitions inside the villa, or have lunch in some of nice restaurants/taverns nearby.

Route 2.997.226 – powered by www.bikemap.net
Check our map to find medieval castles, botanic parks, fine art museums, Opera Houses, beautiful Churches, historical monuments and a lot of points of interests and places to visit and photograph during your journey.

A list of affordable & comfortable accommodation for Quo Vadis Frut cyclists.

Choose what fits you the best : B&B, Hotels, Youth Hostel, Agritourisms, Boarding Houses, etc.

In every place you can find a protected indoor place for the bike to rest for the night.

A big homemade breakfast is always included.

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Valvasone Accommodation

Here are some accommodation facilities you can find in Valvasone

Palmanova Accommodation

Here are some accommodation facilities you can find in Palmanova

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