Hi, I'm Eugenia and I'm a Cycling Guide: I organize bike tours around Friuli Venezia Giulia

Gpx Routes for your smartphone


Put your smartphone on your bicycle using a weather-case or a phone mount (look at our Pinterest Board).

When you are on the road you can easily check the route on the map, the time or the distance traveled in real-time on your smartphone.


Get QVF GPX Routes for free


GPS is very useful when you are on the road, so we created GPX Routes that can be used on your smartphone.

In order to use your smartphone as a GPS during your QVF bike trip, you have to follow these five steps:

1. Choose a Gpx Viewer from the Store that fits you the best;

2. Download Italy maps (Friuli Venezia Giulia maps) so you could use the off-line mode (consider your phone battery performance);

3. Subscribe to QVF newsletter to receive automatically the e-mail with QVF GPX Routes to download;

4. Import QVF GPX Routes on your smartphone;

5. Open the track you need on the app and start riding tour bicycle following the colored line on the map.

How to install GPX files on your smartphone


Go to the store and download for free GPX Viewer APP by Vecturagames for free.

Install and open it.

Click Open file , select the QVF Route you need from the directory, open it and start following the track.

GPX Viewer on Google Play

Windows Phone

Open the app HereMaps on you phone, click Dowload Maps and find Europe > Italy > Friuli-Venezia-Giulia maps and dowload them (80MB).

If you already don’t have one, create a OneDrive Account from you PC, then upload there your QVF GPX Routes.

Go to the store and download for free GPX Viewer APP by Green Lake Studios.

Install and open it, go to Tracks and log in to your OneDrive Account through the app.

Select all QVF Routes and download them into your phone application.

GPX Viewer on Windows Store


Go to the store and download MotionX GPS APP by Fullpower for 1,99€ with maps inside.

Start out in the application where you have the QVF GPX Routes (Dropbox, Mail, etc.) and choose “Open in MotionX”.

MotionX GPS on Apple Store